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OHM Vinyl Compilation Press Release

New Glasgow label Ambidextrous Records feature Techno gurus and IDM legends on first vinyl release

Ambidextrous Records are proud to present OHM, a special seven track compilation set for release on January 18. Although it's the label's first vinyl release, its formidable roster of artists make it the perfect stocking filler for the ravers and IDM heads among your family and friends. Artists featured include: Norken, also known as Metamatics, who has run the legendary Neo Ouija IDM label since the turn of the century. Fans of his intricate style include Radiohead's Jonny Greenwood and French legend Laurent Garnier. Norken has also released music on respected labels such as Delsin, Skam and Clear. Christ., one of the founding fathers of the '90s IDM movement and a former member of the Hexagon Sun Music Collective from which Boards of Canada emerged. He's released tracks with Neo Ouija, Benbecula, Herb Recordings and many more. He famously played at Maida Vale for the legendary John Peel Sessions where he was one of only two acts in the history of the show to get an encore; the other act being Orbital.

Craig Murphy, founder of Ambidextrous Records, and an experimental producer under the pseudonym of Solipsism. His eclectic style and unorthodox methods of production have earned him releases on several labels in several genres and airplay on stations such as BBC Radio 1, BBC 6Music and XFM London, He's received support and play from the likes of Annie Mac (Radio 1), Vic Galloway (BBC Radio 1 New Music in Scotland) Tom Robinson (BBC 6Music), BBC Radio Scotland, Kiss FM Australia, Brain Food, Orde Meikle (Slam DJs), Amazing Radio and many more. The artists, including Craig, are all available for interview and the compilation is available for review. Contact for all relevant materials. Track listing, links to order and quotes from the artists themselves below...

Track Listing A1 - Christ. - Rom A2 - Norken & _nyquist - Od Detot A3 - Solipsism - Vice is Nice A4 - _nyquist - Fornax B1 - Analogue Audio Association - Antikörper B2 - Cyan341 - What's Going On B3 - Mick Chillage - From Ripples Format: Pre-order Vinyl or Digital Distributed by Juno Records Mastered by Black Particle

Artwork by Chris Weeks




Christ. Ambidextrous Records

Christ.: "I've loved techno for years, especially the super minimal Detroit stuff from the nineties. This is kinda my tribute to the old guard techno innovators."

Solipsism Ambidextrous Records

Solipsism: "I spent just over a year choosing the tracks for this compilation. There was so much quality, it was hard picking the final line up. However, I know these artists well and I know the high standards they hold themselves to and it was a real honour to have them on the compilation. What makes it even more satisfying is the fact that the artists mostly come from different genres where they're already well-established names in their own right. It was a privilege to put them on this record and I look forward to working with them again in the future."

Mick Chillage Ambidextrous Records

Mick Chillage: "From Ripples was created for the OHM compilation during a period of mainly ambient work for myself. With only the guidelines of "Techno" & IDM", I set to work. Looking back over my years of electronic music influences, the track showcases echoes of Detroit Techno, Acid House, Dub, with subtle hints of John Carpenter and other soundtrack influences. It's intended as an emotive early morning dancefloor filler or soundtrack to late night city driving."

Norken Ambidextrous Records

Norken: "Working alongside Frank (_nyquist) on this album was a pleasure; I always like to experiment and Craig offered us a good outlet for this on Ambidextrous."

Ambidextrous Records

For further information, please contact Jonny at

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